Monday, January 29, 2007

Blogger Postcards Around the World

In this hi-tech world, of which we all are proud to be a part of…..e-mail does our job of wishing friends & family on their birthdays/anniversaries etc. Gone are the days of hand-written letters & cards. But, I somehow, am very fond of receiving letters/card through snail mail. There is this personal magical feel when I receive a letter/card from my friends/family on special days which is way above when I receive an e-card.

I first came to know about Meeta through Ricky. A wonderful food blogger, Meeta organized Blogger Postcards from around the World in July-August 2006. I was a little upset about missing this lovely event last year…But, I have a chance now….

She is back with this event-BWP in 2007 & I registered for the same the moment I read about it. More info about this fab event here.

I am eagerly waiting to receive my card. I will blog about the same as soon as I receive my Valentine's Card J.

Before that, here is the card that I have sent to someone out there. Love, Happiness, Peace ….Happy Valentine's Day !!!

Patta work in India. Artists use a thin sharp needle on handmade paper to portray scenes from Indian epics or village scenes.


Ricky said...

Yes, I am again taking part in this even and am glad you could too. This is an awesome event organized by Meeta. Your postcard is very authentic and love the way you have taken the picture. I have heard about Patta work. This is wonderful, really.

The Bhandari's said...

:) lovely, okie me diverting myself to meeta's blog now :)

AmitL said...

Hi,there..I remember this concept.It used to be 'This is a chain letter.Send out letters to 2-10 people on the list,and,one to the first name.Then,your name will appear at the end.After 30 days,you will get thousands of postcards.:)Well,I did that...and, sent one card,got one card.:)So,I'll skip thhis one for a while,till I can get some more idle time.

Keshi said...

wow nice!


Sally said...

Ekta - I received your postcard today. Thank you so much! What a nice thing to do. I will post it today. (I would have emailed you, but I don't see a "contact me" button.)

vinay said...

lemme check it up now!!!

Anonymous said...

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