Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Green is the color!! Looove the Green all over in this pic with the lonely tiger...waiting to jump in the water for his prey or maybe he's thinking about something or maybe just admiring the surroundings.

Shot @ Safari World, Bangkok.

Another pic of a tiger on my blog here


Ricky said...

Amazing shot although this reminds me of the shot you took at Bangalore Safari where he looked like on a forced

I think this tiger is camera shy and thinking ke when will this papparazi chodofy my

On serious note, love the greenery in everything infact its reflecting on the tiger too and he also seem to have a green tinge :)

AmitL said...

Wow..haven't seen a tiger since ages-(Meaning,haven't been to Baroda zoo,since ages,due to lack of time during visits to India).This guy looks quite serene,while waiting for his prey..nice surroundings,too..were u seated in a 'machaan' when taking the snap??

Marlee said...

U guys went for a Safari as well? Cool :)

I think the Tiger is taking a break and is relaxing by the water...the water looks green doesnt it?

squindia said...

You sneaky girl! I had no idea you had a blog!!!
Love it.

ektaran said...

I have linked the tiger shot @ Bannerghatta National Park in this post....did you chk it out again??

ya ya paparazzi behind this tiger...yep...We too love this pic...Green Green...all over!

ektaran said...

Dbx mein hai jaanvar??

We were in a car.

ektaran said...

Yes we did...& it was a high point of our trip....cuz I saw dolphins for the first time...they are soo adorable!

Yaa the water looks all green.

ektaran said...

Heyloooo....Welcome to my blog!!

How did ya get to know about this place?????

AmitL said...

oyehoye,what do u mean??Dubai has it's own zoo(The real one,I mean,the two-legged variety of humans roam around throughout the day) well as one of it's Emirates-Al Ain.Chk out this - 35k -

Urvi said...

Wow.... Safari... good ya....the surroundings r really looking beautiful!!

Nicely shot dear....:)

ektaran said...

bade Dubai wallah ho aap toh!!

ektaran said...

Serene & Green!!

Akash said...

Amazing pic!! Is that a river in front of him?? Or is it plain grass? I just felt like its water covered with green algae...

ektaran said...

Yes, thats a li'l water body in front of the tiger...the water as far as I remember was clear....somehow its reflecting all the green surrounding...instead of the sky..

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